New penalties applicable as of today May 23,2015:

Type of Offence First Offence Subsequent Offence Max Penalty
Excess speed crossing the start line Warning 1 pt per KM n x 1 pt per KM


The airspace file for today is the Week End one.

As briefed since the beginning of the competition, and repeated yesterday on the grid, any infringement to the airspace vertically or horizontally is considered as an airspace violation.

Some news

Dear competitors,
You are already nearly 50 to be registered! We are looking forward to welcome you all in Saint-Hubert and share this adventure with you!
Some new information:
  • Camping is available for 50€/week or 7€/day (water, shower, electricity included). Booking before April 17, 2015- Contact us
  • Attention!  It is not possible to pay with Visa at CNVV, but V Pay is accepted
Any questions ? Please don’t hesitate to contact us, and join us on facebook !

Saint-Hubert, Belgium – 14th May to the 25th May 2015